MKiosk for the Telecom Industry

The automated kiosk for the telecom industry is a great technological tool that will benefit both customers and telecom companies alike. It is a smart way to optimize operational costs while giving consumers more points of access in order to fulfill their needs to acquire SIM card, change SIM card, buy top up services and data packages, and pay bills. Besides the regular functions of a telecom kiosk, there’s the possibility of offering additional services such as ATM and pay phone features.

Telecom companies can become more agile with the use of the automated kiosk for the telecom industry, since it allows for optimization of staffing, increase of brand presence, boosting of distribution channels, all at a fraction of the cost of store operations. Adopting the automated kiosk for the telecom industry will revolutionize the telco business bringing rise in sales and enhancement in brand perception.

Face Detection

Finger Scanner

IRIS Scanner


Advertisement Screen

Device used to make audio/video advertisement from third party or from other agencies.

Digital Sign Pen

Digital device used to make digital signature required at the time of processing the steps.

Document Scanner

Device used to scan document required like National Id Card, Driving Licence etc.

A4 Printer

Printing device used to print the document or any other required process terms.

Cash Acceptor

Device which scan and accept the currency notes using unique algorithm.

Card Payment

Electronic payment method using cards when swiped againt card acceptor device.

Finger Scanner

Biometric identification method in which finger print pattern are scanned using scanner.

VAS Services

VAS services provided by various operators can be easily purchased using this feature.

Sim Card Dispenser

When all the process is successful, hte user can collect the SIM Card from this device.

Face Detection

Technology being used in the applications that identifies human faces.

Feedback / Complaints

One can easily put the suggestion or any device related complaint using easy to use methods.

24/7 Availability

Customer care support is available round the clock for process related to query or complaints.

API Integration

The system can be made easily customize with the existing software or technology.

QR Code Scanner

It is used to scan the QR code from the National ID cards or from any other required document.

IRIS Scanner

An automated method that uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on iris.


Passport Check system is designed to validate passports or any other official ID documents through proprietary algorithms and available government database systems. It can also be connected to operator’s own database for internal validation.


  • Fully Automated, Quick Access & Customized User Interface.

  • Flexible Payment Option including Credit card, Debit Card & Cash.

  • Guided Animation with audio facility for less Computer Savvy People.

  • Full Back-end Integration services to POS / Reporting Systems.

  • Reduce Operating Cost and Substantially Increase Sales & Revenue.

  • Printing & Signing of Contract, Pay Record cuts Administration, distribution & Printing Cost.

MKiosk for Telecom

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